Grab Stick™

Grab Stick™ − The Ultimate Magnetic Holding Tool


  • Guaranteed against rust – for life!
  • Magnets within the device are ultra strong and will never lose power
  • GRAB STICK™ is guaranteed for life for its function
  • Quality Australian made product


  • Powerful Magnets – Can be used for various situations such as temporarily holding insulation foil in place.
  • String Line Connection – For regular string lines or thin string lines.
  • Power Clip – Used to keep extension leads out of the way and out of dangerous situations.
  • Side Locks – Prevents GRAB STICK™ from slipping under the weight of leads from wind.

Product Description

Introducing the multi-purpose GRAB STICK™, a remarkable magnetic holding tool that is ideal for many types of trades and applications.
The GRAB STICK™ is the first tool of its kind that can be used in a surprisingly large variety of practical tasks – especially those on steel framed constructions or wherever steel is involved (including homes, offices, factories, warehouses, sheds, etc…). It really is like having an extra pair of hands, but without the additional labour cost!

Imagine the conveniences the GRAB STICK™ tool can provide: it can hold all types of metal roofing or fencing, it will temporarily retain insulation foils and sarking on walls and roofs, it can hold a measuring tape or stringline in place, and can aid tradespeople as they drill, cut or machine.

The applications are only limited by the user’s imagination.

This invention is the ultimate magnetic holding tool for ALL TRADES working with steel. Ideal for commercial and domestic roofing applications and use on ALL STEEL FRAMED CONSTRUCTIONS.

GRAB STICK™ − It’s like an extra pair of hands!

Code Size Weight Size
GRAB01 300 x 35 x 35mm 250g 280mm

Grabstick Technical Drawing


Product Video