• Telescopics Ladders

    is the world's first telescopic ladder
    with the Patented One-Touch Release

    • A patented slow down system to ensure smooth retraction of the ladder
    • Advanced locking indicator system for added safety with indicator windows
    • Improved feet and bumpers for better adhesion to the walls and substrate
    • Better locking mechanism to ensure quicker locking and seating of steel
      bolts to prevent internal friction of locking components
    • Manufactured with lightweight aircraft grade aluminium with 150kg weight capacity
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  • Versatile Enviro-Lead

    The safest lead-based flashing around.

    • Manufactured with Acryflash®, a lead sheet that is
      drinking water compliant to AS/NZS 4020:2005
    • Acrylic coating helps prevent lead leaching
    • Can be painted to match roof colour with acrylic house paint
    • Polymer is Ozone and UV resistant
    • Safe to handle
    • 20 year warranty
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  • Aquaseal FlashRite

    Australian Made for long-lasting quality in harsh
    Australian and New Zealand conditions.

    • Suitable for both standard and retrofit application
    • Wraps around existing pipes
    • Suitable for repairs
    • Full range of sizes
    • Polymer is Ozone and UV resistant
    • 20 year warranty
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  • Norma Products

    Designed to meet industry expectations
    with maximum hose protection.

    • Worm Drive Hose Clamps
    • Clamp flexidrivers with a unique flexible shaft for hard to reach areas
    • GBS Heavy Duty Bolt Clamps
    • A variety of wall dispensers and display units available
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Aquarius Rubber (Aust) Pty Ltd was established in 1973, designing and manufacturing moulded rubber products for the building, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, antenna and electrical industries.


Red Back Trade Consumables are specifically designed for the plumbing industry. Some products are innovative, like the Red Back Silicone Clean-Up. Other products such as the Red Back tap or cutting lubricant offer low cost quality alternatives.


For all types of industries and applications, NORMA® provides all the options. NORMA® clamping and retaining products are manufactured to international & OEM standards, providing the best possible quality materials and designs. NORMA®’s experience internationally as a supplier to major industries and manufacturers makes NORMA® the No. 1 choice.