Cupboard Plates

The Aquarius Cupboard Plate range of products offers the plumber the
largest range of cover plates available for use in fit-off situations.

Product Description

Cupboard Plates available in sizes to suit BSP threads, copper and a full range of PVC pipes. The Cupboard Plate Range includes oval shapes to hide oversized holes and incorrect cut-outs. We also can supply a Cupboard Patch made of the same material to cover and secure unwanted holes. Provide a professional finish around DWV outlets and service inlets inside cupboards. Great for repairs or difficult installations where larger holes are drilled.

All Cupboard Plates can be cut and flexed over existing pipes.

Aids in vermin protection.

Cupboard Plate (Round)

Part No. Size Suits Pack Qty
CPRD12COP 70mm Diameter ½" Copper Pipe 50
CPRD16PEX 70mm Diameter 16mm Pex Pipe 50
CPRD12BSP73 70mm Diameter ½" BSP 50
CPRD12BSP 100mm Diameter ½" BSP 10
CPRD34BSP 70mm Diameter ¾" BSP 10
CPRD40 100mm Diameter 40mm DWV Pipe 10
CPRD50 100mm Diameter 50mm DWV Pipe 10
CPRD65 120mm Diameter 65mm DWV Pipe 10
CPRD100 180mm Diameter 100mm DWV Pipe 10

Cupboard Plate (Oval and Patch)

Part No. Size Suits Pack Qty
CPOV40 200 x 100mm 40mm DWV Pipe 10
CPOV50 200 x 100mm 50mm DWV Pipe 10
CPOV65 200 x 100mm 65mm DWV Pipe 10
CPPA01 240 x 150mm Hole Cover (Patch) 10