Pipe Couplings

  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 4327
  • Product Licence No. WMKT02656
  • Connect waste and drainage pipes of same or different sizes and materials
  • Connectors can flex with earth movement to maintain the seal
  • Only 316 stainless steel clamps and housings are used
  • Use for sewage, drainage and other low pressure applications
  • Max Temperature Range: Continuous: 38°C Intermittent: 60°C
  • Individually labelled and batch controlled

Pipe Couplings – PVC to PVC

Part No. Suits Pack Qty
PC40 40mm PVC to 40mm PVC 6
PC50 50mm PVC to 50mm PVC 6
PC65 65mm PVC to 65mm PVC 6
PC80 80mm PVC to 80mm PVC 6
PC90 90mm PVC to 90mm PVC 6
PC100 100mm PVC to 100mm PVC 6
PC150 150mm PVC to 150mm PVC 2

Pipe Couplings – PVC to E/ware/Cast Iron

Part No. Suits Pack Qty
PC100EW 100mm PVC to 100mm E/ware/Cast Iron 6
PC150EW 150mm PVC to 150mm E/ware/Cast Iron 2

Installation Overview

  • Slide pipe spigot ends into coupling then tighten 316 stainless steel bands to 5Nm torque.
  • Test for leaks before backfilling or concealing. For sewer or drain use only. Not for potable water. Couplings are made from a specially formulated rubber compound that complies with AS1646.3 Type A.
  • Installation of these couplings is subject to the requirements of regulatory authorities.