Worm Drive Hose Clamps

Designed to meet industry expectations, featuring smooth band with rolled edges for maximum hose protection.

Worm Drive Hose Clamps – W1 Alu-zinc

Part No. Band Width Description Pack Qty
N8-12/9W1P 9mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 8-12mm 10 Pack
N10-16/9W1P 9mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 10-16 mm 10 Pack
N12-22/9W1P 9mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 12-22 mm 10 Pack
N16-27/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 16-27mm 10 Pack
N20-32/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 20-32mm 10 Pack
N25-40/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 25-40mm 10 Pack
N30-45/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 30-45mm 10 Pack
N35-50/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 35-50mm 10 Pack
N40-60/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 40-60mm 10 Pack
N50-70/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 50-70mm 10 Pack
N60-80/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 60-80mm 10 Pack
N70-90/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 70-90mm 10 Pack
N80-100/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 80-100mm 10 Pack
N90-110/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 90-110mm 10 Pack
N100-120/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 100-120mm 5 Pack
N110-130/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 110-130mm 5 Pack
N120-140/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 120-140mm 5 Pack
N130-150/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 130-150mm 5 Pack
N140-160/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 140-160mm 5 Pack
N150-170/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 150-170mm 5 Pack
N160-180/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 160-180mm 5 Pack
N170-190/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 170-190mm 5 Pack
N180-200/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 180-200mm 5 Pack
N190-210/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 190-210mm 5 Pack
N200-220/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 200-220mm 5 Pack
N210-230/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 210-230mm 5 Pack
N230-250/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 230-250mm 5 Pack
N260-280/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 260-280mm 5 Pack
N280-300/12W1P 12mm WDHC W1Alu-zinc 280-300mm 5 Pack

Worm Drive Hose Clamps – W3 All Stainless Steel

Part No. Band Width Description Pack Qty
N8-12/7.5W3P 7.5mm WDHC W3 SS 8-12mm 10 Pack
N10-16/7.5W3P 7.5mm WDHC W3 SS 10-16mm 10 Pack
N8-16/9W3P 9mm WDHC W3 SS 8-16mm 10 Pack
N12-20/9W3P 9mm WDHC W3 SS 12-20mm 10 Pack
N16-27/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 16-27mm 10 Pack
N20-32/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 20-32mm 10 Pack
N25-40/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 25-40mm 10 Pack
N30-45/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 30-45mm 10 Pack
N35-50/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 35-50mm 10 Pack
N40-60/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 40-60mm 10 Pack
N50-70/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 50-70mm 10 Pack
N60-80/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 60-80mm 10 Pack
N70-90/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 70-90mm 10 Pack
N80-100/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 80-100mm 10 Pack
N90-110/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 90-110mm 10 Pack
N100-120/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 100-120mm 5 Pack
N110-130/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 110-130mm 5 Pack
N120-140/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 120-140mm 5 Pack
N130-150/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 130-150mm 5 Pack
N140-160/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 140-160mm 5 Pack
N150-170/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS 150-170mm 5 Pack
N160-180/12W3P 12mm WDHC W3 SS160-180mm 5 Pack

Clamp Flexidrivers

Designed to suit Hex Head Screws on Worm Drive Clamps. Flexidrivers have a unique flexible shaft for hard to reach areas where an ordinary flat head screw driver can not.
Norma Flexidriver

Code Suits Hex Head Screws on Worm Drive Clamps
NSW6/7 Combination 6 & 7 Hex
NSW6/8 Combination ¼" & ⁵/₁₆" Hex

NORMA Material grades and descriptions:

W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
Alu-zinc band M/Steel
Housing & Hex Screw
Stainless Steel Band 1.4016
M/Steel Housing & Screw
All Stainless Steel 1.4016 All Stainless Steel 1.4301 All Stainless Steel (316)